The World Peaceever Foundation supports and sponsors the United Nations and its partners

in providing peace and security, humanitarian and development solutions.

Our mission is to make people's lives better as possible through our contacts and efforts, and to achieve peace and sustainable development in all countries.

We focus on the implementation and commitment to the values of the United Nations and the efficiency of the private sector. Through our Foundation TV agencies, we widely support and report on the various UN fares and public welfare of the United Nations in maintaining world peace, climate action, safeguarding human rights, and protecting the rights of women and children. In terms of career, efforts and great achievements have been made.

The World Peaceever Foundation connects charities, caring entrepreneurs, and various social groups, civil society organizations and individuals who are willing and recognized with the values of the United Nations to support the United Nations in its commitment to the cause of world peace and UN International Fairs.

The United Nations is strong, the world is better!





联合国强大, 世界更美好!