Editor's Note: On November 1, 2022, the Organization of Ukrainian Producers (OUP), in collaboration with BlEU ET JAUNE
consulting, World Unite for Ukraine, The Startup Station, is hosting a screening of the new documentary "Mariupol. Unlost Hope".at Scandinavia House New York.
Before the screening of the film, a Chinese film director Mr. Jie Chang from Ukraine interviewed the organizers and patrons of the event. Sponsor Igri said that Ukraine is difficult and the current US economy is not good. Through my own efforts, I have sponsored the documentary exhibition to let some organizations and the public in the United States understand the situation and gain support!
The organizer, Ania, said, "I'm from 55 peace, which raises medical supplies for the organization. I have lived in Marupol and I am saddened to see the film. This movie will play its own huge artistic power!
Let the film show the truth and let the world know, is the main purpose of this event. 
The film shows the Ukraine war through the eyes of ordinary people who lived through the first month of the invasion in Mariupol. Based on the diaries of local journalist Nadia Sukhorukova, the film is directed by Maksym Litvinov and produced by Volodymyr Borodyansky.


Dmytro Kuleba, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, said: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our embassies worldwide uncover the truth about crimes of the Russian Federation every day. The screening of the film about Mariupol in 40 world cities similar to it will be an important contribution to our common purpose. Public diplomacy of the ministry is especially active during the war, because such humanitarian projects make it possible to reach the hearts of people around the globe.

“The real life stories of Ukrainians are the best tool to fight Russian propaganda and lies. Documentary film ‘Mariupol. Unlost Hope’ reveals the facts of Russian aggression to the international audience through the eyes of its direct witnesses,” Kuleba added. “We are working to ensure that the world sees the true face of the Russian Federation and we will not stop until the last Russian soldier leaves our land and those guilty of aggression and crimes are punished.”

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